Indoor Paintball

Play paintball year-round in any weather at our indoor paintball field!

Tired of waking up early for tournament practice on Sunday morning? Then come and practice on our indoor paintball field on Saturday night or Sunday morning! Want to have a private party after the sun sets? You can book a late-night private party on our indoor paintball field here!

Our indoor paintball field is the largest in Chicagoland! Had a bad experience playing indoors in hot weather at another field? Not at Paintball Explosion! Our indoor paintball field has a MASSIVE air-conditioning system installed, so you can play comfortably all year long! The indoor paintball field is covered in seamless high quality turf, so you’ll get the perfect combination of softness and grip. For you tournament players out there, our indoor paintball field has no obstructions on the field, which means no support beams to ruin your lanes!


Check out our NEW Team Practice prices and hours

Saturday: 5pm-10pm
Sunday: 8am-12pm
Prices: $55 Case and entry!!!

(we are using DXS mid grade paintballs, NOT seconds or low end paint like other places)
***The paintballs sold durning the Team Practice time period can NOT be used for Open Play***

Please note: Team practice is a time period used by tournament style paintball players. We do not recommend novice players to play during these time slots. For recreational hours please check the General Info section on our Info tab located above.

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