Operation Zombie Uprising

We’ve partnered with Fables Studios for OPERATION: ZOMBIE UPRISING, an all-new experience in our Laser Tag arena! Part laser combat shoot, part survival horror, can you survive a city on the brink of chaos, or will you become one of the undead?! More info at

Operation Zombie Uprising

It’s up to you to save Metro City in Chicago’s newest interactive experience, Operation: Zombie Uprising, presented by Fables Fright Nights and Laser Tag Explosion! Located inside Paintball Explosion in East Dundee, IL, you’ll need to make your way through over 40,000 sq ft of movie-quality urban environments to deliver the only known cure for the zombie plague. Combining the pulse pounding action of a zombie laser shoot with the chilling dread of a survival horror game, Operation: Zombie Uprising thrusts you into a city on the brink of chaos. Will you be able to deliver the cure and save the world, or will you succumb to the zombie infection? Operation: Zombie Uprising runs select nights through September.


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