Reballs Are NOT Paintballs

Though a popular misconception, reball is simply not the same as playing paintball. Paintball is an adventure-seeking hobby that gives its players a unique, rewarding experience. Actual paintballs are made of gelatin, non-toxic oils, and biodegradable materials which are made to break upon impact and wash out of clothes easily. This allows the player(s) to see where their shot has landed and if they have hit their mark/opposing player. Reballs, on the other hand, are made out of rubber and do not break on impact. This leaves the honesty system as the only means of elimination. Due to being made of a harder material, reballs do hurt quite a bit more than a standard paintball due to the lack of dissipation upon impact. The most common usage for reballs is for those who do not have access to paintball fields. It would nearly impossible to re-collect all of the reballs in an outdoor game, leaving reball play limited to indoors in generally speeedball or airball set ups, with professional experienced players. Reballs tend to generate a lot of friction within a paintball loader/hopper and can cause feeding issues, also known as jamming. To avoid jamming your gun, you have to either try to fire your marker at a slower rate or only use the semi-automatic function.

At every player level, paintballing has proven to be a one of the most satisfying experiences in extreme sports. For the younger and newer players, .50 cal, also known as low-impact paintballs, offer an even friendlier environment to start playing. Low impact play allows for beginners to learn the game with slowing down the markers and using a smaller caliber to reduce feeling of the impact. There are a variety of field layouts to go through in a day keeping each game as refreshing as the last. Playing on a combination of outdoor fields gives you freedom to roam around each map and create different game plans. Paintball offers a more honest style of play by being able to see the paint splatter on your opponents. It is common for paintball markers to have the ability to shoot in different firing rates and this is a huge feature that reballing just cannot use.


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